Incorporation and Thanksgiving of Tassia School

Tassia School vibrated with joy and thanksgiving on 27th Jan 2024  as the school community celebrated its incorporation and expressed gratitude for its continued success. The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honor, Hon. Prof. Kaimenyi, whose esteemed presence underscored the significance of the occasion.

The event commenced with heartwarming welcome speeches by various school heads . This was followed by electrifying student performances like songs, poems and dances, presentations on the school’s achievements, and remarks by the school Director who welcomed the Guest of Honor Hon. Kaimenyi.

Hon. Kaimenyi delivered a captivating speech  applauding the school’s contribution to the community and highlighting the importance of education. His presence and words of encouragement served as a great source of motivation for the students, faculty, and staff of Tassia School.

The ceremony culminated in a Thanksgiving prayer expressing gratitude for the school’s incorporation and the unwavering support that has enabled it to thrive. The event fostered a spirit of unity and appreciation within the Tassia School community, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

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