Dear Parent / Guardian,


Due to the prolonged closure of Schools, occasioned by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, it has now become necessary to adopt the e- learning programs.

We have created a program for Grade 1 and 2 both of Tassia School children and any other child interested.

We encourage all parents with children in these two Grades to support them in Digital Literacy which is one of the Core Competencies in CBC.

We have outsourced an expert, who, together with the teachers have made a schedule.

For your son/daughter to gain maximum benefits from this programme, you (parent) need to ensure the preparations are put in place:

  1. Teaching / learning will begin on  22nd & 24th July. You are expected to have paid the fee of Ksh. 3 000 per month per child, so that by 27th  July all those registered will start off properly together. Your cooperation here is very crucial.
  2. Provide a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
  3. Ensure reliable internet is available.
  4. Provide a quiet study area.


Pay to MPESA Buy Goods Till No. 832196




Fill in the details correctly in the form below and submit. ( NB: Enter Valid WhatsApp Number in the Mobile number field)