Activity:Heart to Heart Foundation Walk

Tassia School Pupils undertaking a Heart to Heart Foundation Walk Activity
The Heart-to-Heart Foundation is a Kenyan medical charity dedicated to the Control, Prevention and Treatment of Heart Diseases in children.
The Heart-to-Heart Foundation is a Kenyan medical charity dedicated to the Control, Prevention and Treatment of Heart Diseases in children. It was established in 1993 under the Trustees Deed Act of the Laws of Kenya with the aim of improving the quality of life for individuals afflicted by heart diseases.
The vision of the Heart-to-Heart Foundation is to eradicate preventable heart diseases in children,, as well as ensure that no child lacks access to treatment because of poverty, with the intention of advancement of education and training, prevention and relief of suffering of residents of Kenya afflicted by heart ailments.
The Foundation is involved in promoting, assisting and establishing Projects and Programmes that increase access to cardiovascular services. Since Prevention is better and cheaper than cure, the Foundation enlightens the public on heart problems and diseases as well as the promotion and undertaking of activities aimed at preventing heart diseases. The 5 current running programmes are;
• Curative Program: Management and treatment of heart disease, including open-heart surgery in children
• Rheumatic Fever Prevention Program (RFPP): Creating awareness on the prevention of Rf and RHD through proper diagnosis and treatment
• Fundraising Program: The Foundation supports its programs by raising funds through the Fundraising Activities program, which has three major components namely; The Annual Heart-Run, The Annual Golf Tournament and The Annual Gala Dinner.
• Research and Training Program: Assisting nurses and doctors to acquire training in cardiac fields.
• Pacemaker Program: Assisting patients to acquire donated pacemakers
Overall Achievements.
The Foundation has since grown to an institution of national repute and its impact on the control and prevention of RF(Rheumatic Fever) and the management of heart disease have been considerable.
Curative Programme: Heart-to-Heart Foundation to date has assisted and been directly involved in 270 open heart surgeries on children who’s hope on their parents could not afford the cost of treatment. Apart from restoring good health, the Foundation has brought considerable relief to distressed families and friends by affording children a New Lease of life and which opens an opportunity for them to become active
Rheumatic Fever Prevention Program: RFPP is currently run in 35 sites of Eastern (7), Central (10), Coast (18) and Nairobi provinces of Kenya. In each of these sites, more than 5,000 health care providers have been trained as Trainers of trainers (TOTs) of which they subsequently spearhead the activities of the program in their sites in close collaboration with the Heart-to-Heart Foundation. This has culminated in reaching over 2 million community members with the prevention message, in addition through improved diagnosis and management skills, the health workers have been able to diagnose over 300 rheumatic heart diseases who have since then either been referred for surgery or are being followed up in their clinics.
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